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Taylor Alarcón


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In December 2017, I found myself thinking a lot, but unable to elaborate on my ideas, express myself adequately, or discuss relevant issues with others. Thankfully, I found Medium, an online publishing platform for writers, storytellers, and editors alike. Through Medium's Partner Program, I have been able to explore this Op-Ed journalistic pursuit, and put some of my best work out there.



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Medium is a crowdsourced, social journalism, online publishing platform launched in 2012. 


I am a


In conjunction with writing, I am passionate about creating, innovating, and thinking about things that haven't been thought before. Through photography and music, I express myself in ways that cannot quite be translated into words, hoping to create visual and auditory experiences for those around me.

To follow my life as an artist, check my Instagram, as well as this website and Behance to showcase my photography portfolio specifically.


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I am a


Well, not technically. I graduated undergrad in 2017.

Nevertheless, I am a student of life, explorer of places, cultures, thoughts and ideas. During the summer of 2015, I caught a travel bug when visiting my relatives in Manila, Philippines and truthfully haven't stropped since. After visiting my family, I took a trip to Hong Kong, not far from Manila, and later saved up for a Europe exploration of London, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Aside from these international endeavors, a couple friends and I decided to drive from Providence, Rhode Island to San Diego, CA post-graduation, to see the real America. Feel free to check out all pictures of these travels in my portfolio section!

Besides traveling, I spend most of my time reading articles and books, which undoubtedly inform and inspire my contributions to Medium. Please check out my book and article recommendations!


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Books, travel, instruments and all forms of problem solving. I write about these on Medium as well.